EDITORIALS 2018 - 2019 



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Yukon Mining Alliance Site Visit Review
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Gold Bulls Whipsawed
Are You A Contrarian, Or A Victim?
Gold Remains Above $1280 as USD Reaches Target High
Gold Bounces but Miners are Underwhelmed
Gold Unable to Breakout, So It Breaks Down
Rising Crude Oil Keeps Gold Above Critical Support
Three Month Gold Consolidation in Jeopardy
Gold Stocks Contiue to Outperform the Precious Metals
Silver Short Squeeze Unable to Ignite the Gold Sector..Yet
  Gold Stocks Have Been Quietly Bottoming
The Bullish Silver CoT Report  and Gold/Silver Ratio
Miner Merger Monday Followed by FOMC Fun Day
Never Sell A Dull Market All Eyes on the FOMC Next Week
PDAC Atendees Much More Cautious This Year
New Fed Chair Prematurely Usgers in the PDAC Curse
Gold Stocks Continue to Frustrate and Confuse Investors
Gold Stocks Have Some Serious Catching Up To Do
Precious Metal Stocks Continue to Lag Gold
Gold Poised to Continue Higher into Chinese New Year
Gold Sector Pops During Conference Week in Vancouver
Gold Rally Pauses at the Trump/Modi Highs
Quality Junior Miner Trains are Leaving the Station
Everything & Gold Will Rise in 2018, Except Bitcoin - Expert​